I will dedicate myself to providing competent services with compassion within my scope of practice training, knowledge, and experience.


I shall represent myself with a standard of professionalism and be honest in all my professional interactions.


I will respect the rights of clients, colleagues, and other health care professionals, and shall safeguard client confidences and privacy.








When a potential clients’ needs are beyond my scope of practice, I will notify them of such and attempt to refer them to someone with more specific qualifications in the area they require.





I will continue to study, apply, and advance my knowledge in the area of hypnotherapy and related fields in order to become more proficient and better serve my clients.

I shall not misrepresent myself or my services in any way while advertising, nor shall I make any claims or promises of results in order to increase interest that are false.




Grand Ledge, MI


“Rich Smith is the professional that helped my son live a normal life. After only a few visits my son learned simple techniques and strategies to deal with his problems and function normally. Rich is a genuine human being and is gratified by helping people.”


East Lansing, MI


“Rich has an excellent technique to really relax your mind, put your daily thoughts aside, and enable you to accept new, positive ideas. After each session I felt like I was floating on air and in such a deep state of relaxation that I had never experienced before. I learned how to change my negative thinking into positive thoughts and really just shut out the distractions at home and at work. It was the exact boost that I needed to get on the right track in life to become my best self.”


Holt, MI


“Hypnosis with Rich has certainly been life changing for me. Areas of struggle for low self-esteem, anxiety, and weight loss have all drastically improved! I stopped sabotaging myself and went back to school for my advanced degree. I deserve the best life has to offer and so do you! Rich is a wonderful guide to assisting you in completing your goals. I couldn’t pay him enough for all he has done for me!”


Lansing, MI


“I would say this experience has not only helped me with my issue, but it has given me a better coping mechanism for dealing with stress. I highly recommend hypnosis therapy and I’m so happy I found something that works without using drugs.”