Seeking a better life?





What is hypnosis? It is a very natural state of mind, which people go in and out of on a regular basis several times a day. Hypnosis is when we can put positive suggestions into the subconscious part of our mind, which basically runs most of our lives.





Is this like stage hypnosis? No, stage hypnosis is performed for entertainment purposes to make others laugh because of wild, dramatic effects. Clinical hypnosis is done in an office setting with the purpose of helping an individual client to reach their goals or change negative habits. I only do clinical hypnosis.





Can anyone be hypnotized? Yes, anyone who is open to hypnosis can be hypnotized. Even school age children can be hypnotized. There may be a very small group of people who are not open to hypnosis, but the majority of people are able to benefit from hypnosis.



****As of March 2021 I have made the very tough decision to close my hypnosis business. I hope you all will find hypnosis help somewhere else. I would recommend that you look into getting a recording to use at home from Paul McKenna. He is one of the best hypnotists in my opinion and has some excellent self-hypnosis recordings available online.

I want to thank all of my wonderful clients that I have seen over the last seven years! Good luck and it was great working with you!! ****

Any hypnosis program should be considered an investment, because whether you are stopping a smoking habit, starting an exercise program, or ending insomnia or anxiety, these things translate into both tangible cost savings and intangible benefits to improve a life worth living well. The effects you desire to get from hypnotherapy affect everything that you do, and add numerous qualities to your life that are priceless. It is a sad fact in this “modern” society that we value so little our own happiness, health, and wellness; it seems more important to so many to have the latest gadget rather than eat more healthy foods or exercise more often. We would rather numb our brains with mindless “reality” TV than work on the issues that are holding us back.